Letter of Concern

I regretfully have never been that into the environment or conservation movements. I knew that plastic was bad and garbage was being thrown into the ocean, but I never knew the true extent of this practice until I had to choose an issue for my letter of concern. For my lake presentation, I was assigned Lake Michigan as my body of water, and that is what brought the amount of pollution in the water to my attention. As I continued to research the extreme nature of this tarnishing practice on the water, I knew something had to be done. I chose to write to the Mayor of Chicago because I thought that they would have some power in controlling the topic of conversation towards this issue. I was able to brainstorm many ways for our community to join together and change our practices. Since I have done this research, I hope to live my life while being more conscious that my actions have on the environment. Also, I now will use my voice to speak out more when I see practices that are unjust. Hopefully, I will get a response and action will be taken to move forward with some of the suggestions I made in my letter to change the current harmful actions that have become normal in our everyday lives. I will be more of a progressive human being and speak out against injustices and fight for what is right.